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About Marc

Marc Nykolyszyn, a dedicated conservative political candidate and professional fundraiser, has devoted his life to advancing conservative principles and partnering with nonprofit organisations. With a strong commitment to philanthropy, he has successfully raised millions to support causes he is passionate about such as education, the arts, and the protection of our natural world.


As a proud member of the Conservative Party, Marc has always believed in the power of the individual to shape their own destiny but also contribute to their community and support those who are most vulnerable. Seeing first-hand the impact nonprofit organisations can have with limited staff and resources enforces Marc's strong conviction that they have a larger role to play. 


During the 2019 General Election, Marc was proud to stand as Conservative Parliamentary Candidate in Nottingham South. An avid campaigner, he has also worn many other hats in the Conservative Party including volunteer, Association Officer, CCHQ staffer, and Campaign Manager for a Member of Parliament.


Marc is a passionate advocate for conservative leadership on the protection of our natural world, a topic which has so often been dominated by the left’s anti-business and anti-choice approach. Marc is an Ambassador for the Conservative Environment Network and also the Director of Conservative Friends of the Ocean, championing the protection of our ocean and support of coastal communities.


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