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One Year of Conservative Friends of the Ocean

Today we are celebrating one year of Conservative Friends of the Ocean! It's been an incredible journey and we are so grateful for the support we’ve received across the Party.

We are a grassroots organisation that has built a team of ocean experts and enthusiasts from across the Conservative Party. It is our aim to work closely with Conservative MPs, Lords, Councillors and grassroots members to better help coastal communities and protect our oceans.

Our planet is blessed to have 5 great oceans that support the global ecosystem, provide food for billions of people, facilitate trade and cultural exchange and is the basis of life on earth. We at CFOTO take that as inspiration, and have developed 5 key themes that guide us in our mission of raising awareness of ocean issues, developing ocean and coastal policy, and taking action with our grassroots members, all from a Conservative stand point. They are:

  1. Climate & Habitat

  2. Biodiversity & Species

  3. Energy & Economy

  4. Community & Wellbeing

  5. Food & Fishing

Our first team photo (above) is a great reminder of the progress we've made. Here's to many more years of protecting our oceans!


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