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Victory: Shark Fins Act Receives Royal Assent

Today is a great day for sharks and the United Kingdom’s leadership on marine conservation as the Shark Fins Act 2023 becomes law.

The Royal Assent of this act means a ban on the import/export of detached shark fins and fin products. This sends a clear message that the barbaric practice of shark finning has no place in the UK and is a rallying call to other countries to follow suit and protect the future of these amazing animals.

Across the ocean an estimated 75 million sharks are brutally killed each year for their fins. As a key ingredient in shark-fin soup, a Chinese status dish, the demand for shark fins has rocketed and pushed many species to the brink of extinction.

Last year, I wrote about the long campaign to deliver this important change in law and the opportunity for the UK to lead on protecting the world’s sharks. This article can be found here.



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